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British Social Attitudes Survey, 1983-1998 : Employment Data

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SN: 4453
Title: British Social Attitudes Survey, 1983-1998 : Employment Data
Persistent identifier: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-4453-1
Depositor: Bryson, A., Policy Studies Institute
Principal investigator(s): Bryson, A., Policy Studies Institute
Data collector(s): Social and Community Planning Research
Original data producer(s): Social and Community Planning Research
Sponsor(s): Economic and Social Research Council
Grant number: R000222898
Other acknowledgements: National Centre for Social Research (until 1999, named Social and Community Planning Research) are Principal Investigators for the British Social Attitudes series. Katarina Thomson, Research Director, National Centre for Social Research (formerly Social and Community Planning Research).


The citation for this study is:

Bryson, A. (2002). British Social Attitudes Survey, 1983-1998 : Employment Data. [data collection]. Social and Community Planning Research, [original data producer(s)]. UK Data Service. SN: 4453,

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Subject Categories

General - Employment and labour


Abstract copyright UK Data Service and data collection copyright owner.

The aims of the project were:
to develop knowledge and understanding of the changing role of trades unions in the workplace, as perceived by employees;
in particular, to establish the influence trade unions have on workplace governance, and how this may have changed over time, identifying factors associated with better and worse governance;
to produce policy interpretations of the main findings so as to inform the policy debate surrounding the 'Fairness at Work' White Paper and the new statutory procedures for union recognition.
The data are items relating to employment taken from the British Social Attitudes Surveys (BSA), 1983-1998, plus a number of derived variables. Care has been taken to produce variables that are consistent across the series. The original BSA datasets are all held at the UK Data Archive - see under GN:33168.
Main Topics:
The data cover employment, trade union issues and membership, attitudes to work and management, income distribution and demographic details.

Standard Measures
Includes Hope-Goldthorpe occupational classifications and a number of Likert scales - see BSA yearly documentation for further information.

Coverage, universe, methodology

Time period: 1983-1998, excluding 1988 and 1982
Country: Great Britain
Spatial units: Standard Statistical Regions
Observation units: Individuals
Kind of data: Numeric data
Individual (micro) level
Universe: National
Respondents to the 1983-1998 BSA surveys, with the focus on employees.
Time dimensions: Cross-sectional (one-time) study
covers BSA surveys 1983-1998
Sampling procedures: One-stage stratified or systematic random sample
Number of units: 38141 (obtained)
Method of data collection: Face-to-face interview; Self-completion
Weighting: No information recorded
Data sources: The data originators are National Centre for Social Research (formerly SCPR), who are responsible for the BSA series.

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Administrative and access information

Date of release:
First edition: 08 March 2002
Copyright: copyright National Centre for Social Research (original BSA data only)
Access conditions: The depositor has specified that registration is required and standard conditions of use apply. The depositor may be informed about usage. See terms and conditions of access for further information.
Availability: UK Data Service
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By principal investigator(s):
Bryson, A. (1999) 'Are unions good for industrial relations?' IN R. Jowell et al (eds) British Social Attitudes: the 16th report - who shares New Labour values?, Aldershot: Ashgate.

  • Bryson, A. (2001) Union effects on workplace governance, 1983-1998, draft PSI discussion paper.

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