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Scottish Minorities Survey, 2003-2004

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SN: 5344
Title: Scottish Minorities Survey, 2003-2004
Alternative title: Multicultural Nationalism: Islamophobia, Anglophobia and Devolution
Persistent identifier: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-5344-1
Depositor: Miller, W.L., University of Glasgow. Department of Politics
Principal investigator(s): Miller, W.L., University of Glasgow. Department of Politics
Hussain, A.M., University of Glasgow. Department of Politics
Sponsor(s): Economic and Social Research Council
Nuffield Foundation
Grant number: L219252118; OPD/00213/G


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Miller, W.L., Hussain, A.M. (2006). Scottish Minorities Survey, 2003-2004. [data collection]. UK Data Service. SN: 5344,

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Subject Categories

Ethnic minorities - Social stratification and groupings
Government and political systems - Politics
Race relations - Society and culture
Religion and values - Society and culture
Social attitudes and behaviour - Society and culture


Abstract copyright UK Data Service and data collection copyright owner.

The main aim of this project was to see how well post-devolution Scotland is succeeding in accommodating both nationalism and multiculturalism at the same time. A further and more specific objective was to increase understanding of ethnic minority perspectives on post-devolution Scotland.

The study covers minority perspectives on nationalism and multiculturalism in post-devolution Scotland, in particular:
  • their views on the principles of devolution/independence, and on the performance of Holyrood (the location of the Scottish Assembly)
  • their perceptions and recent experiences of harassment, their perceptions of change, and the extent to which they attribute this change explicitly to devolution/Holyrood
  • whether they are at ease with living in Scotland, whether they feel more or less at ease now than in the past, and where they see their long-term future
  • to what extent they can personally identify with Scotland and with Scottish national symbols
  • their inhibitions, e.g. whether they feel they can 'speak their mind' about Scotland and things Scottish or have to be careful not to offend the majority
The study also includes majority perspectives (in England and in Scotland) on the Muslim minority and (in Scotland only) on the English immigrant minority also. The views of minorities and majorities about each other are also compared. Finally, Scottish elite perspectives have been used to cover these minority/majority relations and other similar divisions in Scottish society, especially the historic sectarian divide.

This mixed methods data collection consists of:
  • 1,510 original telephone survey interviews with 751 English immigrants and 759 ethnic Pakistanis within Scotland (data for each group held in separate files)
  • transcripts of twelve focus group discussions with English immigrants and ethnic Pakistanis within Scotland
In-depth interviews were also conducted during the project with 27 members of the Scottish elite, but these are not included in the data collection for reasons of confidentiality.

A set of special questions for this project were also fielded in the Scottish Social Attitudes, 2003 (SSA) and British Social Attitudes, 2003 (BSA) studies (held at the UK Data Archive (UKDA) under SNs 5076 and 5235 respectively). Data from these questions have not been included separately here, but users are advised to order SNs 5076 and 5235 in addition to this dataset to obtain the SSA/BSA data.

A full description of the data and account of the project appears in Hussain, A.M. and Miller, W.L. (2006) Multicultural nationalism: Islamophobia, Anglophobia and devolution, Oxford: Oxford University Press. This publication should always be cited when the data are used.
Main Topics:
Topics covered include nationalism, multiculturalism, devolution in Scotland and questions of identity.

Coverage, universe, methodology

Dates of fieldwork: Focus group interviews with ethnic Pakistanis were conducted between 3 September 2002 and 7 January 2003, the English immigrant focus group interviews were conducted between 9 January and 12 March 2003, and the telephone survey took place between July 2003 and January 2004.
Country: Scotland
Spatial units: Scottish Parliamentary Constituencies
Observation units: Individuals
Kind of data: Numeric data
Individual (micro) level
Universe: National
English immigrants (born in England and living in Scotland) plus numerous persons living in households containing an English immigrant, and ethnic Pakistanis (by self-definition) resident in Scotland, plus a very few persons living in a household containing an ethnic Pakistani (not enough for analysis). The interviews were carried out in areas where the particular minority were known, from the Census 2001 to be especially numerous. For confidentiality reasons the exact locations of the focus groups have not been disclosed.
Time dimensions: Cross-sectional (one-time) study
The SSA 2003 and BSA 2003 are part of repeated cross-sectional series.
Sampling procedures: English immigrants: random sampling of phone numbers in areas where Census 2001 indicated high levels, then selection by filtering questions.
Ethnic Pakistanis: sampling of Pakistani names from phone directories in similar high level areas, then selection by filtering questions.
Number of units: 751 English immigrants, 759 ethnic Pakistanis, 12 focus group discussions
Method of data collection: Face-to-face interview; Telephone interview; Transcription of existing materials
Weighting: No weighting used, but for analysis purposes the data may be weighted to age x gender statistics from the Census 2001.

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Date of release:
First edition: 16 May 2006
Copyright: Copyright W.L. Miller, A. Hussain and Nuffield Foundation. Copyright of British Social Atttitudes and Scottish Social Attitudes data rests with National Centre for Social Research
Access conditions: The depositor has specified that registration is required and standard conditions of use apply. The depositor may be informed about usage. See terms and conditions of access for further information.
Availability: UK Data Service
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By principal investigator(s):
Hussain, A.M. and Miller, W.L. (2006) Multicultural nationalism: Islamophobia, Anglophobia and devolution, Oxford: Oxford University Press. This publication should always be cited when the data are used.

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