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Understanding Society: Interviewer Survey, 2014

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SN: 7615
Title: Understanding Society: Interviewer Survey, 2014
Alternative title: USIS; UKHLS
Persistent identifier: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-7615-2
Depositor: University of Essex. Institute for Social and Economic Research
Principal investigator(s): University of Essex. Institute for Social and Economic Research
Data collector(s): NatCen Social Research
Sponsor(s): Economic and Social Research Council. National Centre for Research Methods


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University of Essex. Institute for Social and Economic Research. (2015). Understanding Society: Interviewer Survey, 2014. [data collection]. 2nd Edition. UK Data Service. SN: 7615,

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Research - Education


Abstract copyright UK Data Service and data collection copyright owner.

The Understanding Society: Interviewer Survey 2014 data file is the output of a research project that collected information from interviewers who worked on the Understanding Society data collection for Great Britain in the first round of interviews, which took place over the course of the years 2009 and 2010.

One of the specific aims of the data collection was to better understand the nature of bias in respondent consent to data linkage and, in particular, the role of interviewers in obtaining consent and in affecting consent bias. Hence, the interviewer survey includes a number of questions eliciting interviewer attitudes to consent to data linkage and their experiences with asking for consent during the fieldwork. There are, however, also a great deal of questions that will be of interest to a greater audience of researchers, such as interviewer attitudes to persuasion, measures of their personality traits and markers of general trust.

Main Topics:
The dataset included the following topics:
  • interviewers' opinions on their job
  • attitudes to persuasion, surveys in general
  • personality traits and trust
  • data privacy and administration of Understanding Society
  • experience asking for consent to link to administrative data
  • usefulness of linked data and their own likelihood of consent to linked data in different domains

Coverage, universe, methodology

Dates of fieldwork: May 2014 - May 2014
Country: Great Britain
Spatial units: No spatial unit
Observation units: Individuals
Survey interviewers
Kind of data: Numeric data
Individual (micro) level
Universe: National
All interviewers in Great Britain who had worked on Understanding Society.
Time dimensions: Cross-sectional (one-time) study
Sampling procedures: No sampling (total universe)
Number of units: 812 interviewers
Method of data collection: Self-completion
Weighting: No weighting used

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Administrative and access information

Date of release:
First edition: 20 January 2015
Latest edition: 12 January 2015 (2nd Edition)
Copyright: Copyright Institute for Social and Economic Research
Access conditions: The depositor has specified that registration is required and standard conditions of use apply. The depositor may be informed about usage. See terms and conditions for further information.
Availability: UK Data Service
Contact: Get in touch


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