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Postgraduate Students' Assessment of Their Social Science Training, 1971

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SN: 1273
Title: Postgraduate Students' Assessment of Their Social Science Training, 1971
Persistent identifier: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-1273-1
Depositor: Economic and Social Research Council
Principal investigator(s): Social Science Research Council. Survey Unit


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Social Science Research Council. Survey Unit. (1981). Postgraduate Students' Assessment of Their Social Science Training, 1971. [data collection]. UK Data Service. SN: 1273,

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Higher and further - Education


Abstract copyright UK Data Service and data collection copyright owner.

The purpose of this study was to investigate postgraduate students' evaluations of the provision made for their studies in their universities.
Main Topics:
Attitudinal/Behavioural Questions
Whether studentship was taken up immediately following first degree, if not how many years elapsed before returning to full time study, details of any intermediate courses, whether would have preferred larger or smaller department in terms of number of faculties/students, which journals in field regularly read, whether postgraduate work has resulted in any publications or papers (details), assessment of quality and rank order of importance of several components of postgraduate training (e.g. lectures, computer/laboratory/library facilities, departmental/contacts), extent to which course has supplied competence in research techniques/ understanding of relevant theory/basis for making judgments about what is important in field/sense of intellectual excitement, whether satisfied with choice of topic/interest, if not - what action would like to take (e.g. change topic/discipline), whether would like/expects to carry out research in next post, type of employment anticipated, degree of relevance of training to expected job.
Background Variables
Age, sex, marital status, number of years received SSRC grant, place and title of first degree, title of degree course, results (if known), method of examination, thesis/dissertation title.

Coverage, universe, methodology

Dates of fieldwork: 1971
Country: United Kingdom
Spatial units: No information recorded
Observation units: Individuals
Universe: National
Postgraduate students in the social sciences who had been awarded a grant from the SSRC
Time dimensions: Cross-sectional (one-time) study
Sampling procedures: No sampling (total universe)
Number of units: 1302 (target) 1003 (obtained)
Method of data collection: Postal survey
Weighting: No information recorded

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Date of release:
First edition: 01 January 1981
Copyright: No information recorded
Access conditions: The depositor has specified that registration is required and standard conditions of use apply. The depositor may be informed about usage. See terms and conditions of access for further information.
Availability: UK Data Service
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By principal investigator(s):
Marsh, A., `Postgraduate students' assessment of their social science training'. Occasional papers in survey research, no.2 (London: SSRC Survey Unit, 1972)

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Postgraduate Students' Assessment of Their Social Science Training, 1971

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