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English Slave Trade, 1791-1799 : House of Lords Survey

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SN: 1385
Title: English Slave Trade, 1791-1799 : House of Lords Survey
Persistent identifier: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-1385-1
Depositor: Robbin, A., University of Wisconsin-Madison. Data and Program Library Service
Depositor: University of Wisconsin-Madison. Department of History
Principal investigator(s): Klein, H.S., Columbia University (New York)
Sponsor(s): Social Science Research Council (U.S.)
American Council of Learned Societies
University of Chicago
Columbia University (New York)


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Klein, H.S. English Slave Trade, 1791-1799 : House of Lords Survey. [data collection]. UK Data Service. SN: 1385,

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Subject Categories

Economic conditions and indicators - Economics
Economic history - History
Ethnic minorities - Social stratification and groupings
Imperial and colonial history - History
International and diplomatic history - History
International politics and organisations - Politics
Military, naval and maritime history - History
Social history - History
Travel and transport


Abstract copyright UK Data Service and data collection copyright owner.

The purpose of this study was to examine the growth of slave trade to the America's, the internal dynamics of its volume, and how it compared with other trades within the British Empire and with other leading slave trade routes of other European powers.
Main Topics:
Ship's name, tonnage, home port of ship, departure date, African port of arrival, date of African arrival, slaves taken on board (total number), slave mortality, slaves relanded before African port departure, number of slaves shipped, date of African departure, American port of arrival, date of arrival in New World, number of slaves landed, date ship left America.

Please note: this study does not include information on named individuals and would therefore not be useful for personal family history research.

Coverage, universe, methodology

Time period: 1791 - 1799
Dates of fieldwork: 1974
Country: Angola | Barbados | Benin | Cameroon | Congo | Cuba | Dominica | England | Equatorial Guinea | Gabonese Republic | Gambia | Ghana | Grenada | Guinea | Guinea-Bissau | Ivory Coast | Jamaica | Liberia | Martinique | Nigeria | Saint Lucia | Saint Vincent | Senegal | Sierra Leone | Togo | Trinidad
Spatial units: No spatial unit
Observation units: Slave ships
Universe: Cross-national
Slave trade
Slave ship voyages to the British Caribbean from African ports
Time dimensions: Time Series
Sampling procedures: Purposive selection/case studies
Number of units: 1041 (obtained) slave ships
Method of data collection: Compilation or synthesis of existing material
Weighting: No information recorded
Data sources: Papers of the House of Lords Record Office, 19 July 1799, 25 June 1790, 9 June 1799 and Accounts and papers (Parliamentary papers, 1795-6 XLII (849) Papers of the House of Lords Record Office, 'Return to an order of the right honourable House of Lords dated the 10th of July 1799, directing the clerk of the parliament do cause to be extracted from several log books and journals of ships employed in the slave trade in each year 1791 to 1797', 28th July 1800, 'Shelf list accounts', 19 June 1799, 25 June 1790, 9 July 1799 and 'Accounts and papers' (Parliamentary papers, 1795-6 XLII (849).

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Date of release:
First edition: 01 January 1979
Copyright: Copyright Robbin, A.,University of Wisconsin-Madison and Klein, H.S.,Columbia University
Access conditions: The depositor has specified that registration is required and standard conditions of use apply. The depositor may be informed about usage. See terms and conditions of access for further information.
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By principal investigator(s):
Klein, H.S., The Middle Passage: comparative studies in the Atlantic slave trade (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1978)

  • Klein, H.S., `The English slave trade to Jamaica, 1782-1808' Economic history review February 1978

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