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Relative Deprivation and Social Justice, 1962

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SN: 28
Title: Relative Deprivation and Social Justice, 1962
Persistent identifier: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-28-1
Depositor: Runciman, W.G.
Principal investigator(s): Runciman, W.G.
Data collector(s): Research Services Limited
Other acknowledgements: The Sociology Department of the University of Surrey were responsible for the teaching exercise based on these data, which is included in the user guide.

In September 2014, John F. Hall deposited a new version of the data file, with variable and value labels edited. This version (file 'sn28jfh5.sav' has been made available alongside the Archive version of the data file (file 'sn0028.sav'). During this process, Mr. Hall resolved problems with the variables BIRTHSNO to LEAVESCH in the Archive version, where frequencies did not match the documentation codebook. These variables have now also been rectified in the Archive version. In addition, Mr. Hall deposited the data subset originally developed by Dr. Annette Scambler of the University of Surrey for the teaching exercise (see above and Abstract section below) which has also been made available alongside the main data (file 'deprived.sav'). The exercise file contains 103 of the 280 variables available in the full dataset. Registered users who require the extra documentation created by Mr. Hall that covers the development of his version of the file should contact the UK Data Service HelpDesk


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Runciman, W.G. Relative Deprivation and Social Justice, 1962. [data collection]. UK Data Service. SN: 28,

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Subject Categories

Equality and inequality - Social stratification and groupings
Teaching packages and test datasets - Reference and instructional resources


Abstract copyright UK Data Service and data collection copyright owner.

The aim of the Relative Deprivation and Social Justice study was to examine social inequality in twentieth-century England, touching on such topics as party preference and self-rated social class. The dataset held by the Archive was originally compiled from interview schedules lent by W.G. Runciman, used for his well-known study reported in: Runciman, W.G. (1972) Relative Deprivation and Social Justice, Pelican Books.

An exercise based on data from this survey has been developed by the Sociology Department at the University of Surrey (see file 'deprived.sav'). The exercise is included in the user guide and is a fairly detailed example of the elaboration of a bivariate relation through the introduction of a 'control' variable. A description of a simple data transformation is provided. In addition, there is a description of the main aspects of SPSS usage.

Coverage, universe, methodology

Dates of fieldwork: March 1962
Country: England and Wales
Spatial units: No spatial unit
Universe: National
Teaching packages
Electoral registers for England and Wales
Time dimensions: No information recorded
Sampling procedures: One-stage stratified or systematic random sample
Number of units: 2000 (target) 1415 (obtained);See Appendix 1 for a discussion of causes of attrition, and of completion rate as a function of the effective sample
Method of data collection: Face-to-face interview
Weighting: No information recorded

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Administrative and access information

Date of release:
First edition: 01 January 1976
Copyright: No information recorded
Access conditions: The depositor has specified that registration is required and standard conditions of use apply. The depositor may be informed about usage. See terms and conditions of access for further information.
Availability: UK Data Service
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By principal investigator(s):
Runciman, W.G., Relative deprivation and social justice (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1966; Pelican Books, 1972)

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