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Attitudes towards Commercial Access to Health Data, 2015-2016

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SN: 8049
Title: Attitudes towards Commercial Access to Health Data, 2015-2016
Persistent identifier: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-8049-1
Depositor: Wellcome Trust
Depositor: Ipsos MORI
Principal investigator(s): Wellcome Trust
Ipsos MORI
Data collector(s): Ipsos MORI


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Wellcome Trust, Ipsos MORI. (2016). Attitudes towards Commercial Access to Health Data, 2015-2016. [data collection]. UK Data Service. SN: 8049,

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General - Health
Health services and medical care - Health
Information technology - Media, communication and language
Science and technology


Abstract copyright UK Data Service and data collection copyright owner.

Data are collected throughout the health service in increasingly large quantities, as well as in the contexts of biomedical and health research, for both direct care and secondary uses.

The Wellcome Trust commissioned Ipsos MORI to research attitudes towards commercial organisations having access to health data. As part of this, a survey was conducted to provide measures for some of the themes that arose from qualitative workshops, particularly where these themes were suited to a quantitative follow-up.

The Attitudes towards Commercial Access to Health Data, 2015-2016 survey was designed to explore perceptions of the sharing of health data, awareness of the extent of this sharing and to attempt to identify key red lines in the attitudes of the public. The findings fed into a wider report for the Wellcome Trust that incorporated the qualitative and quantitative findings.

Main Topics:
The main topics covered by the survey are:
  • Public perceptions of the sharing of health data with commercial organisations;
  • Awareness of health data sharing;
  • Support for access to health data under different circumstances.
  • Coverage, universe, methodology

    Time period: 2015 - 2016
    Dates of fieldwork: November 2015 - December 2015
    Country: Great Britain
    Spatial units: Regions
    Observation units: Individuals
    Kind of data: Numeric data
    Individual (micro) level
    Universe: National
    2,017 adults in Great Britain, aged 16 and over
    Time dimensions: Cross-sectional (one-time) study
    Sampling procedures: Quota sample
    Number of units: 2,017 cases
    Method of data collection: Face-to-face interview
    Weighting: Weighting used. See documentation for details.

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    Date of release:
    First edition: 21 September 2016
    Copyright: Copyright Wellcome Trust
    Access conditions: The depositor has specified that registration is not required.
    Please note: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)
    These data are available to any user for any purpose under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0)
    Availability: UK Data Service
    Contact: Get in touch


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    Research Report: Public Attitudes to Commercial Access to Health Data, 2016 8049_commercial_access_to_health_data_v2.pdf 2642
    Final Quantitative Questionnaire 8049_wt_quant_questionnaire_final_v1_public.pdf 571
    Study information and citation UKDA_Study_8049_Information.htm 6
    READ File read8049.htm 10


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  • Wellcome Trust and Ipsos MORI (2016) 'Commercial access to health data', Retrieved September 20, 2016 from

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