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National Child Development Study

Series abstract

The National Child Development Study (NCDS) is a continuing longitudinal study that seeks to follow the lives of all those living in Great Britain who were born in one particular week in 1958. Conducted by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS), the aim of the study is to improve understanding of the factors affecting human development over the whole lifespan. It collects information on physical and educational development, economic circumstances, employment, family life, health behaviour, wellbeing, social participation and attitudes.

Data access

GN 33004  |  National Child Development Study, 1958-

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5560 National Child Development Study Response and Outcomes Dataset, 1958-2013 -
7669 National Child Development Study: Sweep 9, 2013
6691 Social Participation and Identity, 2007-2010 -
6752 National Child Development Study: Understanding Individual Behaviour, 2010
6137 National Child Development Study: Sweep 8, 2008-2009
6978 National Child Development Study: Sweep 8, 2008-2009: Imagine You are 60 -
6940 National Child Development Study: Partnership Histories, 1974-2008
6942 National Child Development Study: Activity Histories, 1974-2008
5579 National Child Development Study: Sweep 7, 2004-2005
5217 National Child Development Study: Sweeps 5-6 Partnership Histories, 1974-2000 -
5578 National Child Development Study: Sweep 6, 1999-2000
5600 National Child Development Study: Employment Histories, 1974-2000 -
4992 National Child Development Study: 37-Year Sample Survey, 1995
4324 National Child Development Study: Sweep 5 Parent Migration Dataset, 1991
5567 National Child Development Study: Sweep 5, 1991
2364 National Child Development Study: Teaching Sets, 1958-1981 -
5566 National Child Development Study: Sweep 4, 1981, and Public Examination Results, 1978
2025 National Child Development Study: Sweep 4 Feasibility Study and Tobacco Research Council Study, 1978 -
2024 Warnock Study of Handicapped School Leavers, 1976 -
1858 Social Consequences of Unemployment, 1964-1971 -
5565 National Child Development Study: Childhood Data, Sweeps 0-3, 1958-1974
5790 National Child Development Study: Sample of Essays (Sweep 2, Age 11), 1969 -
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GN 33395  |  National Child Development Study: Special Licence Access

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