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British Election Study, 2005: Face-to-Face Survey

Variable Details

LabelRSame Party-Fellow Workers
Question text Do the people you talk about politics with support the same political party as you do? Fellow workers.
1 Yes 88
2 Some do, some don't 1032
3 No 253
7 Not applicable 887
8 Don't know 862
9 Not answered 104
99 NA 1565
DisclaimerPlease note that these frequencies are not weighted.
LocationBritish Election Study, 2005: Face-to-Face Survey
UniverseElectors resident in Great Britain during 2005.;National
SamplingMulti-stage stratified random sample;See documentation for details.
Study TypeCross-sectional (one-time) study. The dataset contains both pre- and post-election survey waves.